Behind the Cash Cow Projects at Bombay City

I have watched with amusement (which lately has become boring and repetitive) how our public officials and some netas included have acted like kids when it comes to co-ordinating between agencies for projects in Mumbai. I am talking about bloated egos from MMRDA and BMC fighting to get credit/disclaim ownership/wash hands off tricky issues. THe parties involved are usually faceless beauroc-rats,  petty politicians thirsting for issues like a newbie journalist wanting to sensationalize a parking scam. Of course, what you will hear is the agencies names. Whereas in reality, what happening is someone losing out on annual cash cow projects like filling potholes, eternal cleaning and deepening of the Mithi River. 


The latest example of beauroractic promptness came to light while I was travelling on the Andheri Kurla Road. BMC has put up huge computer printed hoardings in Marathi on Andheri-Kurla road disclaiming responsibility from water logging on the road. They say that MMRDA is the one to be held responsible for making sure that the roads are not water logged. Thanks a lot BMC. If there is one thing we can expect BMC to be prompt about, that's disowning responsibility.


I am sure there is some guy at the top in either agency or some petty corporator turned messiah of the masses who stands to gain or lose from the sharing of responsibilities. Some middle aged beaurocrat/politician who suddenly woke up to realize that the coterie of contractors that he had so zealously groomed over the years will lose out to another bunch of contractors groomed under another beaurocrat/politician. This is a grave loss for mumbai. Roads can wait. As a favor to the people, the government has passed a notification asking the monsoon to arrive later, until the critical issue of who gets what out of the monsoon bonus projects, is sorted out.


People should be punished for expecting two government agencies working to convert Mumbai into Shine-Gaay, to work together and co-ordinate activities accordingly. There is a limit to optimism. What do people want? Isn't it enough, that BMC has works unselfishly and razes the same group of slums as if it was a weekly project. Isn't it enough that the MMRDA is working so tirelessly for the past aeon to widen roads, so that small trucks and tempos could have ample parking space on roads, so that hawkers will have a clean and paved space to do business on. Come on, people. You have no right to question the actions of BMC and MMRDA. why? Well, we don't choose anyone who works directly for the city. The municipal commissioner. Do you know who the corporator in your area is?


People should bow in respect to both agencies (as they are reminded to be by placards all over the city) for the fact that they have used tax payer money to do something that they were created to do.


Tushar P Bahirsheth