26/11 Mumbai terror attacks on the mind of every Indian

Terrorists launched a massive attack on India's financial capital on Wednesday (November 26), and put major hotels under seige. A chronology of events in IST since then, with latest being the first:


November 29


9.00 pm: 22 bodies were recovered in Taj Hotel by NSG commandos, NSG chief J K Dutt said, adding body of fourth terrorist also recovered.


8.20 pm: Captured terrorist Amin Kasab killed Karkare, Salaskar and Kamte, Mumbai police said.


3.45 pm: Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh addresses media, says 18 foreigners and 16 security personnel, including two NSG men, killed in attacks.


3.00 pm: Disaster Management Cell of Mumbai Municipal Corporation said that at least 195 people, including 10 foreign nationals, killed and 295 injured so far in Mumbai terror attacks.


2.20 pm: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh calls all-party meeting on Sunday to discuss situation arising out of Mumbai terror attacks.


2.10 pm: Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil revealed that the terrorists had made calls from the Taj Hotel to Pakistan and received instructions from there. He also insisted that a group of terrorists arrived in Mumbai on November 26, on the day of the terror attacks.


1.40 pm: Management of Taj Hotel denies involvement of their staff in terrorist attack


10.57 am: Death toll reaches 195


8.49 am: Director General of National Security Guards, J K Dutt, briefs media, tells three terrorists killed in the latest operation at Taj Hotel. Operation is still on, he insists, adding the commandos are checking all the rooms to ensure rescue of guests trapped inside the hotel.


8.42 am: Four terrorists killed at Taj Hotel; number of other dead and injured there still to be ascertained, says Mumbai Police Commissioner Hassan Gafoor.


8.32 am: The 59-hour siege of old Taj Hotel ends. Last terrorist killed.


8.13 am: Around 200 NSG personnel engaged in eliminating "three to four" terrorists in old Taj Hotel building, say military sources.


7.53 am: Heavy exchange of fire at Taj Hotel.


6.56 am: Media personnel stationed outside Taj hotel asked to step back as skirmish between terrorists and security forces reaches last stage.


6.04 am: Five large explosions heard from inside the Taj Mahal Hotel old building. Snipers take positions as security forces launch the 'final assault' against terrorists holed-up in the heritage building of Taj Hotel.


6.03 am: Explosions and intermittent firing at the heritage building of Taj Hotel.


12.01 am: NSG moves into lobby of Taj; Director General (DG) NSG J K Dutt says operation will end tonight.


 November 28


9.06 pm: Director General (DG) NSG J K Dutt says "Nariman House cleared and secured, operation at Nariman House over."


8.50 pm: Oberoi will reportedly reopen in another four days.


8.43 pm: External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee talks to Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi; says "outrages" like Mumbai attack will affect improvement in bilateral ties.


8.28 pm: Indian Navy chief says that the joint rescue operation is heading towards success.


8.07 pm: Search operation continuous at Taj; One more body recovered.


7.59 pm: Two loud explosion heard at Nariman House.


7.55 pm: Operation on at the third floor of Nariman House.


7.45 pm: Fresh explosions heard at Taj Hotel. Reports clame the renewal of firing as well.


7.40 pm: Two terrorists killed in Nariman House.


6.55 pm: Director General (DG) NSG J K Dutt states that second floor of Nariman House has been cleared, adding five bodies of the hostages were recovered who were killed by the terrorists. Meanwhile, NSG enters the third floor.


6.40 pm: Fresh fire breaks outside Taj Hotel room after three quick explosions.


6.30 pm: Mumbai Police Commissioner Ghafur said "The operation in Nariman House is not over, I don't know how people got the impression that operations (in Nariman House) are over. In their own interest people should not come close to the House".


6.01 pm: Firing intensifies at Taj. One more blast heard from the hotel.


6.00 pm: NSG explodes outer wall of Nariman House. NSG takes control of the fourth floor.


5.46 pm: India has reportedly turned down an offer by Israel to send its Crack Commandos to Mumbai.


5.40: Huge blast at Nariman House.


5.30 pm: Commando enters Taj Hotel with grenade launchers.


5.25: Fresh firing at Taj.


5.01 pm: Special Secretary (Internal Security) in the Home Ministry, M L Kumawat, addresses media, says eight foreigners killed in terror attacks. He suspected the presence of at least six terrorists inside Taj Hotel.


5.00 pm: Two people injured in the cross-firing with terrorists at Taj Hotel. One of the injured is a foreign lady journalist of a news agency.


4.44 pm: Three massive explosions at Taj Hotel. They are said to be the heaviest of all the blasts that have rocked the hotel since Wednesday.


4:35 pm: Commandos lead operation in ballroom of Taj Hotel. Terrorist holed up inside the hotel suspected to be hurling grenades.


4.33 pm: Two huge explosions heard from Nariman House.


4.33 pm: BJP leader L K Advani asks PM to summon a conference of chief ministers of states on the western coastline to chalk out a strategy to counter entry of terrorists through the sea route.


4:25 pm: Union Minister of State for Home Sriprakash Jaiswal reaches Oberoi and acknowledges faults in coastal security. He further insisted that Centre and States should join hands in ensuring security.


4.22 pm: Six hostages rescued from Taj Hotel.


4.20 pm: Firing reported on the first floor of Taj Hotel.


4.17 pm: Home Minister Shivraj Patil holds a high-level meeting with top officials to review the situation in Mumbai.


4.15 pm: External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee announced that the FBI team will not come to India. The US had reportedly rushed a team of FBI investigators and forensic scientists to Mumbai today.


4.11 pm: 30 bodies recovered from Trident hotel, including 24 today, says Police Commissioner Hassan Gafoor.


4.05 pm: Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil announces to create NSG-like body in the state. He added that 15 policemen and two NSG personnel martyred in anti-terror operations.


3.50 pm: Nine blasts rock Taj Hotel in 10 minutes.


3.38 pm: Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani accepts a request from his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh to send the ISI chief to India for sharing of information related to the terrorist attack in Mumbai.


3.34 pm: Two to three terrorists suspected to be holed up in Nariman House, says Mumbai police chief.


3.34 pm: One terrorist being engaged by NSG commandos at Taj Mahal Hotel in south Mumbai, says Police Commissioner Hassan Gafoor.


3.28 pm: Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari calls Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, assures him of Islamabad's co-operation in the war against terrorism.


3.26 pm: Coast Guard Commander Satish Chandran said that the boat 'Kuber' apprehended by the Mumbai Coast Guard on the suspicion that it was used by the terrorists to travel to the city, belongs to a resident from Porbandar.


3.16 pm: According to Russian arms exporting company 'Rosoboronexport', terrorists holed up inside Taj and Trident-Oberoi hotels allowed 17 Russian hostages, including nine defence contractors, to leave after checking their passports, following which they were safely evacuated.


3.05 pm: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asks his Pakistani counterpart Yousuf Raza Gilani to send ISI chief to Delhi to share information on Mumbai terror attacks.


3.04 pm: Eight blasts heard from Taj Hotel.


3.02 pm: Police say one terrorist holed up in Taj Hotel and four in Nariman House.


3.01 pm: Four grenades hurled outside Taj Hotel.Heavy gunbattle continues.


2.00 pm: Operation complete in Oberoi Trident, NSG takes control of situation


1.52 pm: Elements in Pakistan responsible for Mumbai attacks according to preliminary information with us, says External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee.


1.32 pm: Railway Police Commissioner A K Sharma refutes report of fresh firing at CST.


1.30 pm: Explosion heard outside Taj Hotel. Security personnel are on high alert. Army confirms one terrorist still holed up inside the hotel.


1.24 pm: At least 148 hostages, majority of them foreigners, rescued from Trident (Oberoi) hotel.


1.20 pm: One or two terrorists may still be inside the old Oberoi hotel building, say military sources.


1.12 pm: Fresh firing was reported at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST). Later, it was denied by the Railway authorities.


1.00 pm: Six more teams of Rapid Action Force (RAF) are on way to Taj Hotel.


12.42 pm: Terrorists on third floor of Nariman House.


12.40 pm: Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh visits Trident-Oberoi. The CM tells media that Trident hotel is "totally clear" and the Oberoi section is "almost clear".


12.30 pm: NSG commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan killed in the operation at Taj Hotel.


12.25 pm: A Marine Commando revealed that China-made grenades have been found from the terrorists killed by security forces. Marine commandos have recovered 30 bodies from the Taj hotel, he said. The officer added that terrorists had foreign currency and credit cards of various banks. The terrorists had identity cards of Mauritius, he said. Revealing more details, the officer said that terrorists possessed AK series rifles and were fully aware of Taj Hotel layout.


12.20 pm: Rescue operation at Nariman House strengthens.


12.10 pm: Terrorist reportedly killed in crossfire at Trident-Oberoi.


12.07 pm: A terrorist reportedly escaped from Nariman House this morning.


12.03 pm: The US is rushing a team of FBI investigators and forensic scientists to Mumbai.


11.55 am: Heavy gunfire reported from Taj Hotel.


11.53 am: Massive explosion on the road outside the old building of Taj Hotel.


11.50 am: Terrorists hurl two grenades from Taj Hotel. Meanwhile, two grenades have also been hurled from Nariman House.


 11.44 am: Four terrorists believed to be inside Nariman House.


11.44 am: Fresh firing reported at Taj Hotel.


11.43 am: At least 93 persons held hostage by terrorists in Trident-Oberoi hotel rescued, police officials said. Majority of them are foreigners.


11.43 am: Terrorists fire at NSG commandos from fourth floor of Nariman House.


11:26 am: Six foreigners among 35-45 people rescued from Trident-Oberoi hotel. At least 100 persons, including a World Bank official, are suspected to be still trapped inside the hotel.


11:20 am: Fire exchange resumes at Nariman House. Approximately 8-9 commandos reportedly enter Prem Bhawan, near Nariman House, with two cartons of supplies.


11:13 am: Union Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta said that rescue operation will last for long.


11:12 am: Two terrorists reported to be killed inside Trident-Oberoi hotel.


10.57 am: Southern Command General Officer Commanding-in-Chief Lt Gen N Thamburaj suspected that a terrorist may still be holed up inside old Taj building. He informed that the terrorist has switched off the lights in two floors and is on the move constantly. The NSG has established contact with this terrorist. He, however, expressed optimism that operation will be wrapped up in just "a few hours". New Taj Hotel building has been totally sanitised and handed over to the police, Thamburaj said.


10.35 am: At least 35-45 more hostages, majority of them foreigners, rescued from Trident-Oberoi hotel.


10.12 am: Evacuations underway in two floors of Trident-Oberoi hotel. Meanwhile, management of the hotel ensured that all guests are safe.


9.55 am: Gujarat's Chief Minister Narendra Modi reaches Trident-Oberoi hotel. Describing the terror attacks on Mumbai as the one on "India's sovereignty", Modi said that terrorists chose the city to make it an epicentre of international terrorism. He further accused Pakistan of violating the UN code on the use of land and sea routes for launch of terror strikes against India.


9.50 am: Stock markets open.


9.46 am: Smoke emerges from a dome on Taj Hotel.


9.45 am: Fresh firing at Trident-Oberoi hotel.


9.35 am: 15-20 people believed to be trapped inside Taj Hotel.


9.28 am: Heavy exchange of gunfire at Nariman House.


9.26 am: Chairman of Securities and Exchange Board of India, C B Bhave, asks stock exchanges to be ready to begin trading on Friday, but plans to take a final call on resumption just before the starting time.


9.20 am: Explosion heard from Trident-Oberoi hotel.


9.00 am: Commandos atop Nariman House.


8.50 am: General R K Hooda, General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa area, reaches Nariman House.


8.40 am: Zee News contacts Lalmani Prasad, Bahujan Samaj Party MP from Basti, who is held up in Mumbai's Taj Hotel. Shocked and terrified Prasad has not come out of his room since Wednesday.


8.35 am: Helicopters hover around Taj Hotel. According to reports, commandos are getting ready for final assault there.


8.29 am: Two loud explosions heard from Nariman House.


8.25 am: 30 rounds of ammunition fired till now.


8.20 am: Unconfirmed reports claim that one commando has been injured during the ongoing Nariman House operation.


8.15 am: Terrorists thought to be holed up at the 4th floor of Nariman House.


8.10 am: Commandos surround the Nariman House, snipers in position on roofs of all surrounding buildings.


8.09 am: Another grenade blast on the fourth floor of Nariman house.


8.05 am: NSG bringing in more commandos from Delhi.


7.55 am: More Army personnel deployed at Oberoi.


7.45am: Fresh exchange of firing at Nariman House.


7.40 am: One more helicopter drops commandoes on top of Nariman House.


7.35 am: Helicopter returns to drop more commandos


7.15 am: Two fresh explosions at Nariman House.


7.05 am: NSG commandoes aboard choppers carry out aerial firing at Nariman House.


7.00 am: Two Canadians, including Hollywood actor Michael Rudder, are among those injured in the Mumbai terror attack: Reports


6.55 am: One terrorist reportedly spotted at the third floor of Taj.


6.40 am: More NSG, Army commandos take positions at Oberoi and Nariman House.


5.55 am: Police asks media to stop live telecast of happenings at the Taj.


5.40 am: Another explosion at Nariman House taking the total to three.


5.45 am: Three Israelis reportedly freed from Nariman House.


5.30 am: One more terrorist slain at the Oberoi.


4.15 am: NSG-DG JK Dutt said Trident-Oberoi had been sanitised, two terrorists were in Oberoi, one in Taj and 2-3 at Nariman.


3 am: Police claim all Nariman house hostages freed.


2.25 am: Fresh firing begins between NSG and the holed up terrorists. Reports of an Israeli team being flown in to assist in operations.


12.50 am: One terrorist killed at Oberoi, one still remaining.


12.05 am: Second batch of seven hostages freed from Nariman.

November 27


11.57 pm: Fresh round of fire, one wounded terrorist still inside Taj.


11.40 pm: Second batch of hostages freed at Nariman.


11.30 pm: Fresh firing heard at Nariman house.


11.15 pm: Taj cleared of terrorists, say Army sources.


11.00 pm: Some of the hostages rescued from Nariman house.


10.20 pm: Major fire breaks out at the Taj.


10.00 pm: Army launches final operation.


9.40 pm: PM Manmohan Singh, Congress president Sonia Gandhi reach Mumbai, visit JJ Hospital.


9.30 pm: Advani, Jaswant Singh land in Mumbai.


8.00 pm: 4 more terrorists killed at the Taj. Another mammoth explosion in the Oberoi, starts huge fire.


7.30 pm: Major fire breaks out in Trident hotel.


6.45 pm: Large contingent of the RAF comes out of the New Taj building, two explosions heard in the Oberoi.


6.00 pm: Fourteen more people evacuated from the Oberoi, 50 more commandoes enter the Taj.


5:45: pm: Four injured foreign nationals have been moved out of the Trident hotel.


5.40: pm: A special NSG team specialised in managing hostage crisis, moves to Nariman house armed with rocket launchers and bazookas. Their aim is to flush out terrorists still holed inside and to free trapped Israeli hostages.


5.20 pm: The NSG arrests one militant at the Trident. The arrested terrorist has been identified as Abu Ismail from Faridkot in Pakistan.


4.56 pm: According to recent reports, five persons are being held as hostages at Nariman House.


4.55 pm: The Indian Navy spokesman Capt Manohar Nambiar says the Navy has "located the ship (MV Alpha) and now we are in the process of boarding it and searching it."


4.55 pm: Firing intensifies at Taj hotel and Trident hotel.


4.40 pm: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh confirms that the attacks are being carried out by a group based out of the country. He further promises to set up a Federal Investigation Authority to fight terror in a co-ordinated manner.


4.40 pm: 30 hostages have been freed from Trident hotel. However, reports claim that 35 people are still trapped inside the hotel.


4.40 pm: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh condoles the deaths, describes the attacks as pre-planned. He further vows to take the strongest possible action in an address to the nation.


 4.37 pm: Firing rages on at Trident Hotel.


4.37 pm: Grenade blast heard from Nariman House in south Mumbai.


 4.25 pm: A terrorist has been reportedly killed in Taj hotel. Reports say that commandos have started barging into the rooms of the hotel.


4.24 pm: Terrorists holed up in Room No 473 of Taj Hotel.


4.23 pm: A major explosion heard from Taj Hotel.


4.18 pm: Major R K Hooda, General Officer Commanding of Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat, confirms that 4-5 militants holed up at Nariman House.


4.18 pm: Three Turks were holed up in their rooms in one of the luxury hotels in Mumbai attacked by Islamist militants, the Anatolia news agency reported quoting the Turkish Ambassador to India.


4.13 pm: Jewish priest Gabriel among hostages held at Nariman House, police say.


3.48 pm : Trawler or merchant vessel may have dropped speed boats allegedly used by terrorists, say Navy sources.


3.41 pm : Navy's INS Kunjali and Vindhyagiri are chasing the suspected terrorist vessel off Mumbai.


3.40 pm : Navy and Coast Guard on hot pursuit of a merchant vessel suspected to have dropped the terrorists off the Mumbai coast.


3.35 pm : President Pratibha Patil phones the PM.


3.30 pm: Another loud explosion at the Trident Oberoi. In total six blasts have been heard from the hotel in the last 30 minutes.


3.27 pm : "Before I could reach there, the terrorists who had attacked one of the hospitals, the Cama Hospital, had left and those who attacked the railway station had also left," Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil said.


3.20 pm: Army along with NSG commandos prepares for final assault at Nariman House


3.12 pm : An Italian national was among nine foreigners killed in the attacks on hotels and other targets in Mumbai, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.


3.11 pm : A section of Taj hotel catches fire again.


3.11 pm : Maharashtra DGP A N Roy reaches Trident hotel.


3.10 pm : The Coast Guard launched a major search for a ship 'M V Alpha' by which the terrorists involved in the Mumbai attacks are suspected to have reached the shores of the metropolis.


3.03 pm : Investigators have picked up certain clues in connection with the terror attacks in Mumbai, Home Minister Shivraj Patil said, refusing to share details.


3.00 pm : Explosions heard inside Taj hotel.


2.50 pm: Terrorists holed up in Trident hotel throw five grenades outside the building. Meanwhile, two heavy explosions were heard from the hotel.


2.50 pm: European nations plan to send a plane to India to fly their citizens out of Mumbai, Spain's consul in the city said.


2.43 pm: Grenade blast heard from Nariman House in south Mumbai, where six terrorists are holed up.


2.43 pm: Another blast rocks Taj hotel.


 2.40 pm: Firing resumes in Taj hotel, marking the beginning of another round of operation. Earlier, the Maharshtra DGP A N Roy had claimed that all the hostages have been rescued from Taj. But the firing has again resumed in the hotel, indicating the presence of threat in the luxurious establishment. Another report had claimed that four storeys of the six-storeyed Taj Hotel have been reportedly sanitised.


2.40 pm: More NSG commandos have reached the Taj hotel.


2.27 pm: British counter-terrorism experts say the terror attacks at prominent landmarks in Mumbai have "all the hallmarks" of being an al Qaeda operation.


2.08 pm: Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar said that the people involved in the deadly overnight terrorist attack came from outside with hand grenades and weapons.


1.50 pm: 200 more NSG commandos are being rushed to Mumbai, an National Security Guard spokesman said.


1.48 pm: Maharashtra Director General of Police A N Roy said nine suspected terrorists, who were held this morning, are being questioned.


1.48 pm: Maharashtra DGP A N Roy confirmed that all the hostages inside Taj have been rescued. However, hostage-like situation at Trident hotel continues, he added.


1.27 pm: Intelligence reports had warned that there could be a possible entry of terrorists into Mumbai through the sea route, a top police official claimed.


1.27 pm: The Gujarat Police said the Mumbai terror strike was similar to the Akshardham Temple attack of 2002, and they are carrying out checks and searches as a precautionary measure.


1.27 pm: Handgrenades lobbed from Oberoi Hotel in south Mumbai where terrorists are holed up.


1.27 pm: Expressing serious concern over the Mumbai terror attack, the AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi said it was an attack on the country and not only on the commercial capital, Mumbai.


1.22 pm: President Pratibha Patil speaks to Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh to enquire about the situation in the metropolis.


1.19 pm: One more body was brought out of the Taj Mahal hotel, taking the total number of bodies removed from there to three.


1.15 pm: Pakistan's Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi termed the attacks as "barbaric" and extended support to the Indian government. Notably, today's meeting of Qureshi and Union Minister for External Affairs Pranab Mukherjee at Chandigarh has been cancelled in the wake of the attacks.


1.10 pm: US Ambassador to India David Mulford offers condolences to the families of the victims of Mumbai terror attacks and said Washington was ready to provide all possible assistance to the Indian government.


1.04 pm: Another explosion at Trident.


1.02 pm: Loud explosion heard from Trident hotel.


1.01 pm: "We have total clue about the attacks," says Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil. However, he has refused to give details.


12.55 pm: A day after the terror attack on the historic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus which left over hundred killed, services on the Central Railways were restored to normal today, officials said.


12.42 pm: Security forces and holed up terrorists exchange fire in Nariman House in south Mumbai.


12.39 pm: One terrorist holed up inside Nariman House in south Mumbai killed, says police. Six more ultras suspected to be inside the building.


12.39 pm: Dubbing the terrorists as enemies of the country, Congress president Sonia Gandhi said that terror attacks in Mumbai posed a challenge to the entire nation and would be met resolutely.


12.34 pm: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi convened an emergency meeting to review the "internal security" in the state in wake of yesterday's terror attacks in neighbouring Mumbai.


12.34 pm: Seven bodies brought out of Taj Hotel.


12.32 pm: Intelligence Bureau chief and Defence Secretary to attend the meeting called by Home Secretary.


12.18 pm: Rs 5 lakh compensation to be given to the kin of those killed in the terror attacks, says Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil. Rs 50,000 will be paid to the seriously injured.


12:16 pm: Two IL-76 aircrafts and four AN-32 aircrafts are ready to take off from Palam Airport in Delhi to assist operations going on in Mumbai.


12.14 pm: Defence Minister A K Antony calls a high-level meeting of the armed forces in the wake of the Mumbai terror attacks.


12.14 pm : Airforce Brigade arrives in Mumbai.


12.13 pm : Commandos from Pune also rushing to Mumbai.


12.10 pm: Two bodies brought out of terror-struck Taj Hotel in Mumbai and taken away in an ambulance.


12.05 pm: Ten terrorists involved in the attacks are Pakistanis, sources tell Zee News.


12.04 pm: Seven British citizens have been injured in the terror attacks in Mumbai, British High Commissioner in India, Sir Richard Stag, said.


12.01 pm: At least four terrorists were holed up in the Taj Hotel where 40 to 50 guests were still trapped, says Major R K Hooda, General Officer Commanding of Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat.


11.52 am: Nine suspects have been arrested and interrogated, R R Patil said.


11.51 am: Five terrorists killed and one captured in Mumbai, says Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil outside Oberoi Hotel.


 11.40 am: R R Patil refutes reports of any ransom demands being made by the terrorists holed up in the hotel. He is unsure of the exact number of hostages in the hotel. Earlier, a terrorist, identified as Sahadullah, holed up inside Mumbai's Oberoi Hotel told a news channel that he seeks release of all "Mujahideens held in India" in exchange of the freedom of hostages inside the hotel.


11.23 am: The number of injured policemen rises to 25.


11.21 am: Two top US intelligence officials are believed to be among dead in the firing at Taj hotel.


11.20 am: Army's General Officer Commanding reaches the Oberoi on instructions from Prime Minister.


11.20 am: Commandos begin firing at Nariman House. Four terrorists thought to be holed up inside.


11.17 am: L K Advani to accompany Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during visit to terror-hit Mumbai.


11.16 am : Shots heard from the Mumbai headquarters of the ultra-orthodox Jewish outreach group Chabad Lubavitch that was seized by the gunmen overnight.


11.15 am: A child of foreign nationality and an Indian maid seen coming out of Nariman House in South Mumbai.


11.10 am: Bush, Obama condemn Mumbai attacks; offer assistance


11.05 am: LK Advani terms the Mumbai attacks as the biggest in India. Calls for unity at the hour of crisis.


11.01 am: Shivraj Patil holds emergency meeting


10.45 am: Indian Navy's Vice Admiral Bedi said that around 4-5 terrorists are still holed up inside the hotel, along with 40 hostages.


At around 7.30 am, NSG commandoes entered Taj to evacuate people.


Commandoes had also raided Trident Oberoi Hotel in South Mumbai to flush out terrorists holed up there. Terrorists have, reportedly, positioned themselves on the 19th floor of the Oberoi hotel.


Earlier, a bomb was also diffused this morning near Taj.


 How it began (November 26)


Wednesday, 9.30 pm: First attack at Café Leopold:


It all started just before the 9.30 pm on Wednesday at the Café Leopold in Colaba district of Mumbai. Three men pulled out machine guns from heavysacks and started firing indiscriminately, whoever present there.


10 pm: After Leopold, the attackers took a lane which leads to the prestigious Taj Hotel which is just few meters away. The assailants entered the ground floor area and started firing indiscriminately.


10 pm: At around same time when the Taj was under attack, four men with automatic rifles entered the the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) around 10 pm. Two of them started firing towards the crowd, while two others spotted rushing towards the Metro Cinema multiplex via the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation offices and the nearby Azad Maidan.


10.15 pm: Terrorists came outside the Cama hospital fired erratically.


10.30 pm: Just ten minutes after Trident, a loud bang was heard in Vile Parle, which was occurred in a taxi.


Colaba: At Colaba, men carrying assault rifles opened fire inside the Leopold restaurant and also threw grenade at the innocent civilians. Firing was also reported from Hotel Marriott in Colaba.


Nariman House: There was exchange of fire at Nariman House, a residential complex with a Jewish prayer hall. This was the second place that was attacked in Mumbai, where two men came on a scooter and hurled a grenade at nearby petrol pump.


A huge cache of arms was also recovered outside the Taj, including AK-47s, Chinese made grenades, bullets and other assorted armaments. Lots of dry fruits were also recovered from the same place.


The Indian government has already indicated that it suspects Pak-based militants' hand behind the attacks.


Courtesy:  Zee News / November 27, 2008