How to stop spitting in public places?

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The habit of spitting in public places and, a park converted into a public urinal is not unheard of in India. As Indians, we develop this habit from childhood onwards. And it continues to be a habit of an average adult life. Not to forget the intolerable smell that is generated, which is almost like a line drawn between this world and another.


However, some educated individuals have slowly, started making a change. As, once on my way to the second floor of a building in Delhi, I saw some gods and goddess pictures on tiles, stuck on the walls at an equally maintained distance. And, there was not any spit of red (spit of paan or tobacco) on the wall. Neither was there any foul smell or dust. I was amazed to see that the walls were well maintained even though they were staircases of a public market place.


There is another good example of a group housing society in Dwarka, New Delhi that has placed goddess picture on their compound walls. Call it a mastermind if one must. These pictures help to prevent people from mis-using those places.


Indians are very religious by nature and always keep the idols of gods and goddess clean. Also, if we see any idol or a picture of god on the road or under a tree, we always bow our heads, join our palms and pray.


The common bad habits of spitting and urinating in public places are developed at an early age. Even when they grow up they continue with such habits, which deteriorate the civilization. So, the idea of putting these pictures on the compound walls and passageways has saved mankind from foul smell and maintain clean environment.


In fact, the government departments and private offices should take similar measures to make places such as parks, lanes, passageways and office compounds clean and accessible for and by public.


Benita Toppo


Edited by: OZG India team